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BioChat gives you direct contact with all those subscribed to the virtual community of Biorhythm free. In BioChat, you can fix appointments with your friends of Meeting and meet our experts on-line. Before accessing BioChat, read the rules at the end of the page.

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  Let people see you too! Send your photo by clicking HERE, Remember: it must be a JPG file in rgb format.
No scanner? Leave it to us, send it to Lucini & Lucini Communications Ltd., 19 Fitzwilliams Place, Dublin 2 - Ireland.
Events, make BioChat the only chat line that organises real meetings with guests, giving the community users the possibility to see one another in real time. There will be many of us but each and every one of us can get direct attention from the guest!!

Regulations of "BioChat"

Subscribers who have placed an announcement in Meeting, will be regularly invited to participate in the BioChat room "CallChat", which is set up especially for them. In "CallChat" they will find other friends of "Meeting", chosen from those with a similar profile. So the possibility of finding new friends or even Mr. or Mrs. Right will depend on the Stars!
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