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Particularly interesting is the possibility to calculate the biorhythmic compatibility between 2 individuals. For example, the fourteenth day of an individual's cycle represents his "average point" which is 14 days before or after this person will have an emotive cycle which is exactly opposite to that of the partner.
Between these 2 people, the rate of compatibility is 0! To have an average complicity, of 50%, the difference between their birthdays must be 7 or 21 days.
Therefore on 5 days their phases of high and low frequency will coincidence perfectly. Calculating in the same way the physical and intellectual cycles, we can obtain a complete compatibility outline.
We also must note that the average points of the physical and intellectual cycles are respectively 11 and a half days and 16 and a half days.
The percentage of difference between days can be calculated by dividing this figure by 100%, rounding up or down the results and therefore one would obtain the % of compatibility. Remember that compatibility is considered good when it is over 25%.

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