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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): answers to FAQ about Biorhythms, also known as the theory of physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. (FEI):

· Are animals also subject to biorhythms?
  The theory was developed by a Professor having studied his students' conditions for a year. He then found a correspondence between the human condition and some specific period of time.
Probably, also some animals have biorhythms but research needs to be carried out to see if they are similar or different to ours, for each single species.
Up to now, no similar studies have been undertaken.

· Do biorhythms repeat during our life?
  The curve repeats itself identically 21252 (23*28*33) days after birth. This happens around the age of 58 years, 2 months and 7 days. It depends if this is a leap year and on the length of the month.

· Do fortunate cycles exist?
  We are often asked if " fortunate" cycles occur. In reality, we are unaware if such cycles occur in a periodical and regular way. We can simply refer to the story "Fortuna", the Goddess of fortune in Roman Mythology.
Fortuna, in the antique Roman religion, has always been associated with good fate. However, later on , she was identified with Eutichide, a Greek Goddess who can also be linked to bad luck.
Fortuna is often represented by a wheel which turns and bring success or failure. Her steer represents her power to guide a person's life. "Fortune", all over the world, takes its name from her.

· Are biorhythms "reliable"?
  Every one of us is free to believe or not in Biorhythms; just like horoscopes and numerology: some people believe, others don't.

· What does "critical phase" mean?
  When one of the cycles crosses the median, we undergo a "critical phase".
In this period, the risk of errors or running into problems, increase.

· How can we calculate biorhythms?
  When we are born, the curve starts at oscillation "zero"( and then it suddenly rises). The periodic cycles are :

Physical curve: 23 days
Emotional curve: 28 days
Intellectual curve: 33 days

Formulae for the curves:
state (age in days)= 100% * curve (2*PI*(age / 23))
state (age in days)= 100% * curve (2*PI*(age / 28))
state (age in days)= 100% * curve (2*PI*(age / 33)) (2*PI=360 degrees)

Example: physical curve for a person born 10,000 days: state (10.000) = 100 * curve ( 360*(10.000 / 23)) = - 98%

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