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Biorhythmus The Biorhythms are the combination of activities and biochemical, physiological and compartmental processes which occur in all living organisms with constant and unchangeable periodicity. At the start of the last century, Doctor Wilhem Fliess noticed identical recurrences in the clinical medical records of his patients. He observed positive and negative phases in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of people. The principles of Biorhythms derive from these observations: the physical curve with a 23 day cycle, the emotional curve with a 28 day cycle and the mental curve with a 23 day cycle.

· INTERPRETATION. Above the median
Biorhythm   When the curve of a cycle is above the median we experience positive phases for the respective Biorhythm. For the physical curve, we will feel in good form and e.g. in the case of athletic performance, the physical form will be high. If we are talking about the emotional curve the individual will be in a good mood and relations with others will be healthy. If we are talking about the mental curve however, the thought processes will be more accurate and concentration will be high. This is the ideal moment for new projects.
· Below the median:
Biorhythm   When the curve of a cycle is below the median we experience a negative phase for the respective Biorhythm. A low physical curve means we will feel weak and tired. If we are talking about the emotional curve, the individual will be sad and feel inadequate; if we are talking about the mental curve, the thought processes will be confused and concentration will be low.

· Crossing the median:
Biorhythm   When the curve of a cycle crosses the median, it is a critical moment for the respective Biorhythm and if two lines cross the median, it is really a difficult moment. A critical moment on a physical level means we will feel exhausted and it is better to avoid physical effort. A critical moment in the emotional field means the individual will be irritable and sad and will experience "downs" so that discussions should be avoided. Finally, critical moments in the mental field will mean that activities which require great concentration are advisable.
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