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  Everything you wanted to know about Biorhythms!
  In this section of Biorhythm free, we answer your most common questions and explain the History and Theories of Biorhythms. They complete the section on Celebrities' Biorhythms edited by our experts and the
  popular section of BioDesktop.
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The course of Biorhythm free
Periodically, Biorhythm free offers you a series of audio/ video courses so that you can start learning more about this fascinating subject.
Our experts prepare the courses.
Part 1: The initial method adopted by Dr. Fliess.
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· Discovering Biorhythms: the combination of activities in each organism. · The History of Biorhythms: in the 19th century, the first studies started on certain "cycles"...
· FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to the commonest questions on Biorhythms. · The courses: Biorhythm free and its team of experts have prepared wish you a pleasant time!
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