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Biorhythm printouts show how we are all influenced by physical emotional and intellectual cycles.
Many people manage to improve the quality of their life by monitoring the ups and downs of these cycles and acting accordingly. For example, you can plan an exam during the highs of the intellectual cycle; avoid talking of important matters with your partner during emotional cycle lows or focus on sport results during the highs of the physical level.

When calculating biorhythms, it is important to determine the so-called critical days, which demand extra caution, According to some research, it is considered very likely that most births occur during one of two of the mothers’ critical day
(this is why the date of the birth depends more on the mother's conditions than the embryo's). Therefore in general, there are two critical days : one on the first and the other mid cycle.
There are various ways and graphics to calculate biorhythms, let us look at Dr Fleiss' original method. Here is the example of someone born 1/5/1967.
Let us calculate his or her biorhythm for 2/5/1977. The total number of days he or she has lived is 3,655 days
Physical cycle = 3,655: 23 = 158 and a fraction (total: 21)
Emotional cycle = 3,655: 28 = 130 and a fraction (total: 15)
Intellectual cycle = 3,655: 33 = 110 and a fraction (total: 25)

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